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You’ve got a great business/ service/ product and now…..


Blinking cursor... and endless backspacing....

You need the words for your website/ blog/ direct email/ socials, but it's HARD. and it sounds funky, and just feels that little bit cringy…

and it's getting put in the ‘too hard’ basket. 

Every. Darn. Day. 


You’re in the right place. 

I’m Olivia, Copywriter.  

Handily, you’ve just found me! I’m a copywriter with a love of telling a good tale, a way with words and the know-how to make your business shine. 

I’ve been in the communications bizz a good long while, albeit in an unconventional way...

I’m an opera singer (yes really!) and have been a high school teacher for most of my working career. 

Now what does singing and teaching have to do with COPYWRITING I hear you ask? 

Well, at the heart of it all is a desire to communicate. Singing for me has always been about communicating a character, story or emotion to a paying audience. (well, usually paying…!)

Likewise, if you remember back to your favourite teachers, you’ll realise they were usually the ones who made learning fun, were great listeners so they understood your strengths and were able to break down BIG chunks of knowledge into small, easily digestible bite-size pieces for you to understand and apply. 

And isn’t that what you need right now? 

(Probably yesterday if the procrastination has been strong!

(Finger flex)

Righto, I’ve got your back. 

I’ll give you the words to confidently and clearly describe your brand voice and message to attract the consumer you desire. 

I’ll SEO optimise your website copy, write blogs that engage, create email marketing series' that get opened, write bios that make you sound as expert as you are.  Or if there's something else you need just ask! 




 I studied english, drama and music at The University of Waikato. After I gained my teaching diploma, (back-up plan ✔) I studied for a Master of Performance Voice at Victoria University of Wellington.  After years of singing freelancing and teaching I'm loving being creative with words again!

I now live in Wellington, New Zealand with my husband and three children, I spend a ton of time at my fav local hang out, the beautiful Kapiti Coast. I’ve got a slight obsession with A-Frames which drove my interest in writing real estate copy. I started my copywriting journey with Arizto Real Estate, and later, other freelance work. After some up-skilling and training with the Australian Writers Centre and their Copywriting Essentials Course, I’ve now diversified into a broader range of copy work.


If you're seaching for someone with a flair to their work and who thrives on creativity, you've come to the right place!

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